Futurelink  actively assists our clients with careful attention and gracious courtesy, while extending our respect to them, our fellow contractors and Futurelink   team members. We must also respect all other people and their property.


A King Systems Boardroom system makes it possible to deliver knockout presentations at the touch of a button. From TVs and video projectors to lighting and shade control, from concealed speakers to microphones and video conferencing, your ideas are more easily communicated and your business will be the better for it.


Time is money and there’s little to waste. When your team is together, you need to take advantage of every second. King Systems seamlessly integrates all of the technology systems in your Conference Room so you can get down to business, work the issues at hand, all without fiddling with the system. Push one button and get the results you need.


Create a company environment and culture that is productive. Imagine streaming content from your MacBook Pro to a large video display wall. Have an Office event with video and sound displaying your branding and music throughout your workspace. View your business with surveillance cameras that you can access anywhere via mobile phones or tablets – even unlock doors and warehouses remotely.


From lighting and shade control, to presentation systems, to audio and video, educational facilities need to provide the right blend of comfort and focus for effective communication. King Systems gets the details right, starting at the design stage and finishing with a professional installation.


Automation and integrated technology enhances hotel guest experience and is simply smart hospitality business. Set ambiance in common areas with easy control of lights, window treatments, music, video, and HVAC. Team members can intuitively adjust conference rooms, ballrooms, and restaurants with one button press for meeting, presentation, dancing, dinner and more.


Seniors want and need to be socially connected and independent. We look at how we can enhance the Senior Active segment of our population. How do they do Apple Facetime on a 55” screen? Can they easily connect their fitness gear to their doctor? Are the spaces properly lit and secure?