You are busy. Your staff is occupied. No one needs to take up their time turning on lights, setting shades, figuring out how to use the video system in the conference room. It’s unprofessional and gives the wrong impression to visitors and customers. FutureLink Business Automation systems interface with existing building controls systems and services including security/access control, intrusion detection, video/audio management and environmental systems. This provides easy-to-use control of your business. For example, your office has banks of light switches. With our automation systems, we add occupancy sensors so lights turn on with there’s people in the room and off when they leave. In fact, we can set your lights to work with your security cameras so they turn on if the cameras detect movement out back or in the garage. How about a programmed set of lighting scenes that mimic a typical day, that runs automatically when your facility is closed for vacation? A good way to keep intruders guessing. Remember those banks of switches? We can replace them with a neat touchpanel or smart switch eliminating all the wall clutter.