Infrastructure and Wiring

Infrastructure is a word tossed around a lot today. To us, it’s the backbone of your company’s electronic systems, from cameras to WiFi to video displays to computers. If you’ve looked at it, you might see bundles of wires in the basement or overhead. We approach this infrastructure with a few ideas in mind:

1. Provide the fastest speeds available today.

2. Allow for increases in performance as networks improve.

Your ISP (internet provider) is in a multi-year plan to upgrade service. We want to get your wiring setup so you can take advantage of the newest tech as it becomes available. This requires us to study what’s coming down the road and prepare for the changes.


Whether your network is five HDTVs or five buildings, we can provide the copper and fiber cabling needed to connect data, voice, and video across the LAN. We also provide wireless access installations, either integrated into your LAN or running deployed as fully wireless networks. There’s a reason why we’re called FutureLink!