How we work


Working from a set of your layout and design plans, we setup a discovery meeting with you, asking questions and educating on the realm of possibilities available today and in the future. From this information, we can assemble an estimated budget. We work together with architects, interior designers and builders in order to provide the most aesthetic and successful solution.


Once a design is approved, the project advances to the engineering stage. With the aid of advanced software and drawings, we consider all the details, from room and seating arrangements to the selection of audio and video equipment, from energy saving systems to lighting and window treatments, as well as meeting all requirements. On request, a complete set of engineering plans and line drawings can be prepared for your project as a future reference.


Whether we use purpose-built touchpanels, iPads, or smartphones, we make sure your controls are simple, very responsive and easy to use for every member of your family or each of your key staff. For example:  we use colorful, large, easy to use ‘buttons’ that are tested and configured for the easiest operation. Our programming is handled in-house by our own trained staff, then tested and commissioned for long-term reliability and simplicity. We incorporate your needs in every step of the process to be sure the system fits each user.


A clear, concise understanding between architects, interior designers, engineers, construction professionals, facility managers, and owners is key to completing a successful project. To be on the same page you have to be in the same book, or in the case of a construction project, the same model. That’s why we start with careful drawings and then monitor each step to be sure they are executed with precision. From the first encounters, to weekly meetings, to being available on short notice, we act as your Electronics Project Manager through the entire process. We instruct, coordinate and monitor everything to be sure the job is done right the first time.


There are several phases during a successful installation:  a Rough-In stage where all wiring and mounting brackets are installed and tested, a Trim stage where interfaces, keypad and speakers are installed, Equipment Set where the components are located and Commissioning where we test then turn the system over to the new owners. We then review its operation with any members of your family or team so everyone is able to fully enjoy all of its benefits. In every step of system implementation, the Project Manager and our in-house crew work carefully and cleanly, just as if they were building a system of their own. At the end of each day, the work area is completely cleaned and returned to its original arrangement.


From showing you how easy it is to use your system, to answering any concerns you may have for years to come, we are there to assist in every way necessary. Our systems are extremely reliable due to our carefully honed processes. If there’s an issue, our systems have the ability to contact us for a remedy that we often perform remotely, before you are even aware of the occurrence. By the end of a project, we have a great relationship with our clients. “Be quick to call us” is one of our mottos. We want you to count us when the need arises – that’s what we mean when we say “we want to be the most trusted integration company in Colorado.”