Design Build

The first step is careful project assessment and planning. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality. With our extensive high and low-volt experience and design sense, we develop diagrams and layouts for the system. We work with the architect, designer, mechanical engineers and GC to consider everything, from room arrangements and equipment placement to safety requirements. Then our team of qualified and experienced technicians get the job done properly. Remember – we know the electrical AND the electronic needs – a huge advantage.

What is an LED?

LEDs are a huge breakthrough in energy efficient lighting. An LED is a semiconductor device that produces light when an electric current flows through it. LEDs, which are manufactured in a variety of color temperatures, are grouped onto an LED array (also called an LED module or LED light engine). The LED light engine determines the light quality, while the dimmer and the LED driver (which controls the LED) determine the dimming performance.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are designed to replace incandescent or screw-in CFL bulbs, as well as candelabra or low-voltage MR16 bulbs. LED bulbs have a driver inside of their base. This driver is what determines if the bulb is dimmable, what dimmers can be used with the bulbs, and the bulb’s overall dimming performance

LED Fixtures

LED fixtures come in a variety of different forms, from cove lights and downlights to pendants and troffers. The driver will either be mounted within the fixture housing or be a separate component mounted remotely from the LED source. You can usually choose from multiple driver options, depending on whether you need a dimmable or a non-dimmable fixture and depending on what type of dimmer you want to use with the LED fixture.


Developers everywhere are utilizing LED lighting in their multi-level facilities. The challenges of 24/7 operation have managers maneuvering for superior light quality, virtually no maintenance and energy savings as high as 70%. Under LED lighting, shadows are minimized, safety is enhanced and security cameras operate more efficiently. Optional occupancy sensors ratchet down energy use even more. On every level, LED lighting design by FutureLink is your ticket to success.