Outdoor Living

In Colorado, we enjoy over 300 days of sunshine every year. You look to the great outdoors for recreation and relaxation. It’s the perfect time to add outdoor entertainment. Hearing your favorite music or watching your favorite show is a great way to make your outdoor activity even better. Whether you’re swimming, shooting baskets, gardening, or resting, music and video makes it all the more fun. Outdoor controls can be added so you can access your system from anywhere you happen to be. That makes it easy to lower the volume or change selections. Speakers and HDTV’s can be hidden away or are available in a variety of ‘stealth’ designs. A water-resistant screen and sound system can be installed by your pool, deck or wherever we can get the best results – outdoor movies and sports events are great fun year-round! We can design your system so you enjoy it at very pleasing volumes, without beaming all the sound to your neighbors. Want to create your personal Red Rocks concert area – you’ve come to the right place.